Best snowskates known to man

Best snowskates known to man

Boyd Hill Snowskates was started in 2009 by Bryce Rich and Todd Delyea. At that time, there wasn’t much available for snowskates, so Boyd Hill grew out of necessity. No one sold grip, trucks, leashes, decks, or skis(subs, sub-decks or sub skis) separately. The need for a snowskate retailer was obvious. About this same time, the Boyd Hill crew was introduced to local legend and master ski builder TJ Sneva. TJ is recognized as the first person to manufacture Twin Tip skis in the early 90’s.  With a strong background of ski innovation, helping develop snowskates was a great fit. Joining forces with a local manufacturer has made all of the difference. Rapid prototyping and innovation has kept Boyd Hill in the forefront.

Since that fateful winter, Boyd Hill has manufactured dozens of different shapes while developing  the best snowskates known to man. Quality and craftsmanship are unmatched in every ski we make. These are not mass produced subs made overseas. Ours are made with pride in the Pacific NorthWest by a locally owned company. Every step is taken to make the very best snowskate, not the cheapest.  Boyd Hill Snowskates should be considered a tool, not just a toy. Big Mountain/all mountain snowskates are the focus. Rider input is the key to manufacturing a snowskate. The sport continues to develop at a rapid rate, so innovations will continue to lead the sport. New shapes, new materials, new construction techniques, and new camber profiles which are all snowskate specific keep Boyd Hill at the front of the pack. All graphics are heat sublimated in house, guaranteeing your skate to have the most vivid, bright, and durable graphics. Every snowskate ski is made with the highest quality base material and stone ground for the fastest ride. These are not the cheapest skis made, but every step is taken to make them the nicest.

Why so expensive?

The price of a snowskate throws a lot of people off, especially if they view a snowskate as a toy. The multiple components of a bi-level snowskate drives up the cost of manufacturing, especially when you don’t cut a single corner in the entire assembly. Let’s make the best ski, let’s use the strongest trucks, let’s use an awesome deck, let’s use the best grip, and let’s use a bulletproof leash. It all adds up, and the only way to offer a lower cost product would be to use inferior products or outsource overseas and have no control over what is manufactured with our name on it. Boyd Hill doesn’t exist to make the lowest cost snowskate, it exists to build the very best and drive the sport in the direction it deserves to go.  Building one sub-ski for a snowskate takes as long or longer than building a snowboard or one half of a pair of skis, with only slight material cost savings.  

Consider this: all of our snowskates are well under 500.00 USD for a complete, less than you would spend on a brand name snowboard mass produced overseas.

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